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Marco Ripa is a craftsman and designer. Through it he produces unique and bespoke furniture pieces in iron and steel.

Born in 1977, at the age of 15 Marco entered the workshop to learn the craft of an artisan. He chose iron as his signature metal because it’s dirty, noisy and rejects repetition.

His metal takes shape, colour and balance inspired by the American sculpturer Calder. Building on Ruskin's philosophy in the Arts and Crafts Movement Marco believes that a man is as unique and unrepeatable as the objects he makes. At the age of 33 Marco founded his own laboratory for the manufacture of iron and steel.

"Ornament is, in very truth, an evidence of life in the school of builders, and of their making a due distinction between work which is to be used for architectural effect, and work which is to possess an abstract perfection".

John Ruskin,
historian and art critic